Landlord and Tenant

landlord and tenent

Our expert team of solicitors specialise in efficiently resolving a diverse range of commercial conflicts.  Whether its contractual disagreements, partnership disputes, or navigating non – disclosure agreements.

From drafting meticulous tenancy agreements to resolving disputes, handling eviction proceedings, and ensuring adherence to rental laws, we provide expert guidance at every turn.

At Portway Solicitors, we prioritise safeguarding the rights and interests of landlords and tenants alike, offering clear and pragmatic legal advice to swiftly and effectively resolve issues.

Trust us to be your legal ally, navigating the complexities of landlord and tenant matters to ensure a fair and secure rental experience for all parties involved.

You may need a Solicitor if you are facing legal issues or require legal advice.  Whether it is for personal matters like family law, property, immigration or business – related concerns, seeking legal advice can provide clarity and guidance.

Costs vary depending on the complexity of the case, the Solicitor’s experience, and the services required.  At Portway Solicitor’s, we offer free initial consultations.  At the consultation, we will explain our fee structures (hourly rates, fixed fees, etc.) to help you understand potential costs should you wish to instruct us.

Typically, the first meeting involves discussing your situation, exploring potential legal options, understanding costs and timelines and outlining the next steps.

Your Solicitor will typically require details related to your case, including documentation, relevant dates, names of involved parties, and any other pertinent information to help them understand your situation better.

Many legal matters can be resolved through negotiation, mediation, or alternative dispute resolution methods without going to court. A Solicitor can advise you on the best approach for your situation.

The duration varies based on the nature of the case, legal procedures involved, and other factors. A Solicitor can provide an estimated timeline after assessing your case.